Luminex is coming to you

More than ten years ago, we decided that it would be a great idea to bring to Luminex’s customers and partners together to share their scientific experiences and learn from each other. How does everyone apply our technology? How do they discover what works, and what doesn’t? We wanted to offer honest stories from real customers. The idea of a yearly seminar Planet xMAP was born.

Back to basics

Over the years, the scope of our seminar has increased immensely. Every year we welcomed more and more guests from a growing variety of fields: from microbiology to human genetics and from immunology to newborn screening. Also Protein & Nucleic Acid Research in a broad range of disease areas were covered. As the crowd got bigger, it became more and more challenging to find the best location and create an outstanding program. With the tight travel budgets of our audience and their individual scientific challenges in mind, we now want to bring back our seminar to the point we once came from.

We now welcome you to xSAMPLES

This year, Luminex Europe will organize a series of one or two-day ‘xSAMPLES’ mini-events on several locations. Small-scale events, closer to our relations, with a clear focus on high-quality content and lots of opportunities to network with people from your own region. Don’t come to us, we’ll come to you!

Registration and more information

Registration for one of the xSAMPLES seminars is free of charge. Included are beverages, food and dinner. The seminar program will focus on Molecular Diagnostics and Life Science Research. For more information on locations, program and registration, click here


Registration and more information xSAMPLES


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